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About Us

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About Us

There is a serious need for business to Modernize the customer experience, act faster, automate processes, mobilize operations and optimize the supply chain. MIYU Holdings Digital Business platform of technology innovations is the answer to today’s rising customer expectations.

MIYU Holdings has created a business platform developing IT software programs, such as; Advertising solutions, Mobile games, Social media, Travel shopping mall, and MIYU, a multi-media message, multi app, translation, broadcasting massage, digital products, services and business tools.

MIYU Holdings serves as the one-stop shop solutions provider for its clients. Our ability in being a complete solutions provider removes the hassle of managing multiple vendors, logistics, and technological bottlenecks. It gives our clients the peace of mind that they have chosen a reliable, long-term partner capable of solving their development needs as their businesses grow.

MIYU Holdings understands that when it comes to technology solutions, one size does not fit all. Our solutions are tailor-made based on the organization’s budget, specific needs, and requirements, with the capability to scale-up as the client grows.

Our approach provides the maximum value, we proactively suggest improvements as well as newer technologies that can be used to reduce costs to make business systems more efficient. Our solutions are catered for the long-term benefits of our clients.

MIYU Holdings offers a front and backend solution with the expertise to help and support our clients navigate and understand the complex software technology industry.

Our software engineering team will assess and determined the best suited solutions, based on specific requirements and technology needs. Soft iCastle we develop, design, and implement technological solutions addressing some of the most advanced challenges.

MIYU Holdings experience and expertise includes a broad spectrum of software technology solutions and advantages across a variety of industries.

With MIYU Holdings professional team approach to large or small projects coupled with our software programming expertise, we can develop solutions in any of the application service sectors.

Our Story

MIYU Holdings was founded in 2014 by Ike Hong. Ike’s strong values created the foundation for our culture. We always “do the right thing”. That means we place a high value on relationships. People who feel empowered and supported bring a strong set of values to their work. As we’ve expanded we’ve stayed true to our goals to deliver for our clients and provide a great working environment for our team.

Welcome to MIYU Holdings! Today, we need to think in the future tense.

The business landscape is forever changing. With new technology, a new economy and a new level of entrepreneurship on the rise we need to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. This means learning to continually change, operate and think in new ways. We must constantly be “future-oriented”, thinking on the edge and developing a broad perspective freeing ourselves from confining assumptions, and becoming aware of outdated and faulty methods of doing business. Leading companies today are innovative, creative, cutting edge and are achieving higher levels of success. Today, it takes innovative strategy, decisiveness and a new vision to be successful.

There is no doubt the world is changing rapidly, and MIYU Holdings has adapted to those changes. Our definition of MIYU Holdings means our values must be based on helping people achieve their dreams. When we started MIYU Holdings the foundation was a company whose mission was to help people achieve their full potential. Many of us grew up believing we could achieve anything we set my mind too. Our parents instilled in us to always believe in the goodness of people and the potential to do great things no matter your circumstances.

MIYU Holdings is here to help you achieve your dream and we encourage you to discover your greatness within you. We have met thousands of people around the world. Many of these individuals had a desire to be successful, start their own business and become entrepreneurs. We realized the challenge that stood in their paths to success. The vast majority of these individuals did not have the mind-set, skill-set, training, knowledge, or finances available to start a business to achieve their dreams. That’s why we are determined to help others in reaching their dreams. The dream we have is to developed that offers many opportunities for people toe realize their dream!

At the core of MIYU Holdings, there is a deeply rooted desire to enhance the quality of people’s lives. Our goal is to make a real difference for people. MIYU Holdings has established a team of leading companies, and business people united in our quest to develop the ultimate eCommerce / Digital business opportunity.

At MIYU Holdings, we train people for “success” regardless of their background, education, or experience level. Everyone has the potential to benefit from the MIYU Holdings formula for success. We understand that most people were trained in a traditional job environment and were never taught real entrepreneurial or success education.

People need blueprints, knowledge, financing and desire to achieve success. We sincerely believe that the majority of people can better reach their dreams if they have specific directions, examples, guidelines, and instructions from individuals who have already been there. Self-made successful people, who have already walked the walk, will teach you, coach you, mentor you, and guide you through your journey to success. We have put together an incredible dedicated team to help you each step of the way.

No matter what industry you are in, our goal is “Enriching Lives” and we want you to achieve the greatness you have within you.

Welcome to MIYU Holdings!

Culture and Values

MIYU Holdings’s core values are driven by a desire to improve human life. We operate with the highest standards of integrity, expanding access to the mass market with our products and services to foster a diverse workforce that values team collaboration. At MIYU Holdings, our performance-oriented culture and responsible approach are the foundations of our success. We are aware and take pride which our business depends on the creativity, dedication and performance of our people. Our core values and culture are aligned to achieve excellence, and operate with the highest standard of integrity to develop a diverse global company that vales diversity and team work.

Our Credo

The values at MIYU Holdings guide our decision making and are spelled out in our Credo. Our Credo challenges us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first…

Our Credo is more than just a moral compass. We believe it’s a recipe for business success.

We are responsible to our people, who work with us throughout the world. Everyone at MIYU Holdings, is considered as an individual. We must be mindful of ways to help our employees fulfill their family obligations. We want our employees to feel free to make suggestions and recommendations. There is an equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified at MIYU Holdings.

We are also responsible to the communities in which we live and work. We must be good citizens – support good works and charities.

  • We foster a culture of Trust, Integrity, and Accountability
  • We accept personal accountability for meeting business objectives, and we are honest and straightforward in our dealings with everyone
  • We serve and support our employees
  • We take personal responsibility for providing the very best products and services
  • We focus on Customer Service
  • We deliver outstanding performance and service within each division of our company
  • We value our people
  • We provide a working environment conducive to learning, development, innovation, and collaboration among our people
  • We are proud of our colleagues for being responsible citizens of the communities in which we operate

Code of Conduct

At MIYU Holdings, behaving ethically and in compliance with our Code of Conduct is the responsibility of everyone every day, in everything we do.

We work hard to make sure that the integrity of MIYU Holdings remains a priority for everyone at every level of our company. Our code of conduct, helps to make sure that our employees understand what is expected of them, and provides guidance on business standards and practices.

This is just one of the many ways that we continually reinforce the values on which MIYU Holdings was built.

As a leader in the Digital industry,our work requires us to cultivate strong relationships with customers, partners and employees, and our field representatives. We are working every day to earn that trust by engaging on all sides of the issues that matter, and going beyond what’s required to reach our goals and objectives.

Business Practices

Integrity is at the core of MIYU Holding’s identity and reputation, and we are responsible for performing with integrity in everything we do. We are also responsible for raising concerns about risk to the company. Our commitment to doing the right thing, which means complying with both the spirit and the letter of the laws that govern our industry, acting with integrity and giving our full commitment to do so.

As a company whose products and services touch the lives of people around the world, we hold ourselves to a high standard. And we expect others to hold us to that same high standard.

We believe in operating openly, honestly and with the highest degree of ethics and integrity.

This includes:

  • making sure that the company complies with all applicable laws and regulations;
  • continually reinforcing our overall commitment to ethical business practices and behavior, at every level of the company.

People and Diversity

Our People are our greatest assets. We know that every invention, every product, and every innovation we’ve brought to market has been powered by people. People whose personal values drive them to make a difference in the world. We believe the shared values help us attract and keep the most talented people.

Diversity is a central part of the cultures across the MIYU Holdings Family. It’s a key to our people’s passion for improving people’s lives through out the world over. Further, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is deeply rooted in the values instilled by Our Credo and is exemplified in a number of our companies’ programs and activities.

We recognize that differences in age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style and background bring richness to our work environments. Such differences help us connect better with the needs of people in communities around the world.

We believe that attracting, developing and retaining a base of employees that reflects the diversity of our customers is essential to our success. We also believe success hinges on relationships with diverse professional groups and suppliers.

Diversity and inclusion are integrated into our leadership model, and are considered an essential leadership skill for all of our employees.

We expect all employees, beginning with our leaders, to achieve diversity and inclusion goals, which are used to gauge individual and company performance.

Corporate Governance

The value system at MIYU Holdings guides the actions of the people in our Family of Companies at all levels and in all parts of the world.

These values extend to our accounting and financial reporting responsibilities along with our management responsibilities for timely, accurate, and reliable financial information.

As such:

  • We maintain a well-designed system of internal accounting controls.
  • We encourage strong and e effective corporate governance from our Executive team.
  • We continuously review our business results and strategic choices.
  • We focus on financial stewardship.
  • Our professionally trained internal staff monitor our system of internal accounting controls. This system is designed to provide reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded and that transactions of products and services are recorded properly.
  • Our internal controls include a Back office system for operating the companies sales ordering process which concludes Management and Financial Reporting.

What Sets Us Apart

Meet our people at MIYU Holdings and you’ll get a real sense of how our culture enables dynamic and impactful careers.

We share a kind of DNA where we’re each:

  • Committed to Caring for each other
  • Responsible to our communities
  • Ready to apply our knowledge and know-how
  • Unique in our background and experiences
  • The drivers of our own success
  • Passionate about doing what’s right

It’s an exciting time to be part of the MIYU Holdings team.

We are perfect sized company for the ambitious person; we are large enough to do some incredible things, but small enough to recognize individual performance. We seek people who embrace challenges and thrive in a fast-paced environment that’s focused on continuous improvement and service. This is a workplace where each individual plays a role in building something meaningful, while growing and learning from each other.

Our company’s compensation programs are designed to recognize and reward people for their accomplishments and the value they bring to the company. We are committed to providing competitive pay programs designed to help attract, retain and motivate the key talent we need to succeed in all aspects of our business. We monitor all elements of our compensation program to ensure that they are competitive with those of other companies-and appropriate to the markets in which we compete for talent.

“Our Total Rewards” is the comprehensive package of compensation, programs, and resources offered to people that enhances the value of working at our company. These plans, programs and resources include compensation and financial rewards, opportunities for them to develop their skills and grow their careers, and programs that help support the demands of managing a professional career path.

Our philosophy behind these programs is rooted in maintaining our competitive position in the market while providing a comprehensive and valuable package of rewards that supports our business, recognizes individuals and aligns people with the future needs of our company.

Board of Directors

The MIYU Holdings Board of Directors is committed to serving the interests of the entire enterprise and achieving a sustained increase in corporate value. The most important tasks of the Board of Directors are defining corporate strategy, setting the budget and allocating corporate resources.

To satisfy the Board’s duties, directors are expected to take a proactive, focused approach to their positions, and set standards to ensure that MIYU Holdings is committed to business success through the maintenance of high standards of responsibility and ethics.

The Board will adopt committee charters and governance guidelines that, in conjunction with MIYU Holding’s articles of incorporation and bylaws, form the governance framework for MIYU Holdings. The governance structure is designed to foster principled actions, effective decision-making and appropriate monitoring of both compliance and performance.

Executive Management

The MIYU Holdings Executive Management Team is the senior-most leadership, management and decision-making body of our company. This committee oversees and supports MIYU Holdings’s efforts to ensure that its business is conducted appropriately around the world.

Our Executive team works together to focus on all aspects of running the business including major financial, strategic and operational decisions for the company.

Helping to End Hunger

MIYU Holdings embraces and supports a culture that’s focused on providing a better standard of living for those in need. People from all parts of the world are participating in this revolutionary initiative to help end hunger. MIYU Holdings is dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of people worldwide. Together, our contributions add up and make a difference in peoples lives.

MIYU Holdings donates a percentage of our global sales to build better tomorrows for people in underprivileged communities around the globe. Millions of people are starving and go to bed hungry everyday. We want to make a difference by empowers communities to provide a brighter future by helping to end hunger.

We envision a world where all people have the opportunity to grow and flourish and receive proper nutrition and healthcare education. Without the support of MIYU Holdings the cycle of poverty and despair continue. We can make a difference together if you team up with MIYU Holdings.

Helping Animals

We love helping animals…and so should you!

We Get to the Heart of the Matter

Our most important goal is to prevent animals from getting into situations of distress in the first place. We support problems facing animals, which local shelters don’t have the reach or the resources to take on.

MIYU Holdings supports the biggest transformational fight to stop animal cruelties, such as animal fighting, puppy mills, factory farming, and the wildlife trade. We support ending extreme confinement of farm animals in cages, stop cosmetic testing on animals, halt cruelty to wildlife, and transform the landscape for pets in poverty.

We and our affiliates also support the rescue teams, sanctuaries and wildlife centers, free veterinary care for low-income pet owners, and other life-saving programs.

The Future

At MIYU Holdings, Our future growth begins with our customers. They are where we learn exactly what business changes we need to make to lead the way in the virtual age. MIYU Holdings maintains an active listening campaign, which we’ve expanded through our social web presence. We leverage our community connections to learn about our customers’ needs: what they want, what drives them, and what will improve their lives. That research and data forms the foundation of our future decisions.

Explore. Learn. Advance. That’s our future

At a time when increasing numbers of people are seeking economic security, our future provides a focused, innovative, and compelling business opportunity, with particular emphasis on a Digital product platform. We strive to preserve the characteristics and culture that made our MIYU Holdings companies successful, as we integrate our newest company “MIYU” into our global culture, we are prepared for future growth. With each of the MIYU Holdings companies, we uphold our company values of Diversity and Inclusion.

We strive to create a worldwide workforce that benefits from the differences of diverse perspectives and experience. People of all backgrounds come together to do their best work at MIYU Holdings.

We are commit to creating a future together, where each individual feels valued, supported, respected, involved and engaged.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to become the bridge that offers opportunities for our members to be successful across all of MIYU Holding’s companies.

Our Mission is to encourage everyone to discover products and services they want, and share their passion and interests on social media, and through real-world connections.

Digital Industry

At MIYU Holdings it’s about technology. Digital is a new way of engaging with customers, it represents an entirely new way of doing business. The digital industry is a new term to describe the wide range of work in information technology, computer programming, software development, high-tech electronics, information systems, and web, games and multimedia development.There is widespread recognition that the role of digital technology has shifted from being a driver of marginal efficiency to being an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption.

Being digital requires being open to reexamining your entire way of doing business and understanding the possibilities new frontiers. For MIYU Holdings capturing new frontiers is about developing entirely new businesses in adjacent categories.

The Internet is starting to open opportunities for disrupters to use unprecedented levels of data precision to identify flaws in existing value chains. In the automotive industry, cars connected to the outside world have expanded the frontiers for self-navigation and in-car entertainment. In the logistics industry, the use of sensors, big data, and analytics has enabled companies to improve the efficiency of their supply-chain operations.

At the same time, being digital means being closely attuned to how customer decision journeys are evolving in the broadest sense. That means understanding how customer behaviors and expectations are developing inside and outside our business, which is crucial to getting ahead of these trends.

Digital’s next element is rethinking how to use new capabilities to improve how customers are served. This is grounded in an obsession with understanding each step of a customer’s purchasing journey—regardless of channel—and thinking about how digital capabilities can design and deliver the best possible experience, across all parts of the business.

The supply chain is critical to developing the flexibility, efficiency, and speed to deliver the right product efficiently in a way the customer wants. By the same token, data and metrics can focus on delivering insights about customers that in turn drive marketing and sales decisions.

Digital isn’t about just creating customer, it’s about implementing a cyclical dynamic where processes and capabilities are constantly evolving based on inputs from the customer, fostering ongoing product or service loyalty. Making this happen requires an interconnected set of core capabilities:

Our definition of digital is about the technological and organizational processes that allow our company to be agile and fast. Being digital is about using data to make better and faster decisions, devolving decision making to smaller teams, and developing much more iterative and rapid ways of doing things. Thinking in this way shouldn’t be limited to just a handful of functions. It should incorporate a broad perspective of how MIYU Holdings operate, including creatively partnering with external companies to extend necessary capabilities. A digital mind-set institutionalizes cross-functional collaboration, flattens hierarchies, and builds environments to encourage the generation of new ideas.

Incentives and metrics are developed to support such decision-making agility at MIYU Holdings.