application process


The Application Process

This section will walk you through the process of finding, applying for, and landing your dream job at Soft iCastle, and will also provide you with valuable tips to help make your application and interview experiences enjoyable and successful. This page will give you all the information you need to find the position that best fits your skills and background. An overview of the application submission process will help get you started on the next big step in your career.

Job Search

Visit our Job Search Portal to find openings in your field of interest.

You can view different Job Descriptions and criteria’s, and search for the perfect position, refining your search, or you can browse our job postings. Whether you’re looking for a challenging internship or an exciting new managerial position, there are always new opportunities on the Soft iCastle Job Search Portal.

Our job postings include detailed descriptions of and requirements for each position. When you find a job that suits your interests, background, and qualifications, you can apply directly from the posting.

Online Application

Every job in the Job Search Portal requires a application to be completed. The application is your opportunity to share as much information as possible about yourself, and to tell us about your skills, interests, and achievements.

Job Listings

    Soft iCastle is an up and coming tech company. We are looking for a very talented graphic designer that can complete tasks in a timely manner. The graphic designer will be responsible for concept development, visual design and web design, among other things. An ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of composition, hierarchy, layout, color theory and typography. Read More